DWP are consulting on workplace health – until 17th Feb 2017


Are insurers, not lawyers, the bad guys when it comes to whiplash?

*/ Whiplash, eh. It’s all a big con, pushed by ambulance chasing lawyers at the expense of innocent motorists who pay higher insurance premiums as a result. Source: Insurers, not lawyers, are the bad guys when it comes to whiplash

Major Trauma Research Fund-raiser

Major Trauma survivor Benn Crabbe is aiming to raise £30,000 to help researchers at Royal London major Trauma Centre continue its research.  Details at http://bartscharity.org.uk/get-involved/transformation

London hospitals £10m debt for foreign maternity patients – time for the NiNo?

Failure to identify healthcare tourists is costing one London NHS maternity unit £5m pa and London hospitals more than £10m pa. In an attempt to identify who should in fact be paying for their child birth, the hospital is asking patients to present utility bills and evidence of residency.  This sounds

When Rehabilitation fails – Restoration, Recuperation, Reintegration

NHS finance chiefs warn of poorer care and longer waiting times | The Guardian

Rationing of services likely as hospital chiefs say they can’t make savings vital for reform Source: NHS finance chiefs warn of poorer care and longer waiting times | Society | The Guardian

How NHS spend £120bn per year

A short and informative video on how the government spends £120bn per year on health in England.

Military Rehab Centre…cash shortfall

A new Defence Rehabilitation Centre is being built at Stanford Hall, Leicestershire to replace Headley Court which will “re-locate” i.e. close in 2018. The new building is under way, but its seems to be short of cash so they are seeking your donations to help finish the build.  Given Headley Court

NHS England Business Plan…no rehab!

NHS England have recently published a 64 page business plan for the next years priorities.  Yet despite the Five Year Forward plan placing an emphasis on vocationally focused rehabilitation and integrated care between community and primary care, this document does not.  In fact the word rehabilitation appears once in reference

Latest claims figures released

The DWP have now published the latest CRU figures for personal injury claims which are down  by 17,035 from the year before.  Motor injuries have risen slightly by 11,000 but the big drop is in Employers liability claims Source: Number of cases registered to CRU – GOV.UK